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Coffee County Forestry
Scholarship Pageant(TM)

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Please pray for our Coffee County Forestry Rangers!
Also, careless debris burning is Georgia's #1 cause of Wildfires! Please take precaution when burning. You can acquire a burn permit by contacting your Local Forestry Unit if it is larger than 6x6, smaller than that you can call 1-877-652-2876.

Teeny Miss-2 to 3

Tiny Miss-4 to 6

Little Miss-7 to 9

Junior Miss-10-12

Teen Miss-13-16


Miss Hospitality-the young lady that sells the most $25 good luck ads(you have to sell 10 to qualify) for the program book.  Miss Hospitality receives the same gifts as the other queens and is treated no different than the division queens!  AND GUESS WHAT??? The Coffee County Hospitality Queen gets to compete at State 2006 just like the division queens do. Wow...I am excited for my Hospitality Queen now even more so because that is alot of hard work!


Baby Miss thru Teen Miss is open to surrounding Counties.  The Miss Division is closed off to Coffee County.  The Miss has to work, reside, or attend school in Coffee County, be a legal resident of Georgia and submit proof to the director.

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