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The Georgia Forestry Pageant is a Scholarship Program and is a Non-Profit Organization. __Ginny Hattaway__ has been appointed the Coffee County Forestry Scholarship Pageant Director for Coffee County by the Board of Directors for the Georgia Forestry Pageant and Educational Association, Inc. The Georgia Forestry Pageant is the oldest Scholarship Pageant in the State of Georgia going into the 66th year. The Miss Georgia Forestry Pageants give over $120,000 yearly in cash and college scholarships on the local and state levels. The winners of the Coffee County Forestry Pageant will receive their entry fees paid to the 66th Miss Georgia Forestry Pageant to represent Coffee County. The County Queens are treated like true royalty at the Miss Georgia Forestry State Pageant. The girls are escorted to the pageant by limousine, they participate in a parade with their county and title on their car, they are treated to cookouts, treefarm tours, and many more events. This year a formal ball will be held for the Miss contestants. The Miss Georgia Forestry receives besides the scholarship, all her expenses paid to travel the State in promoting Forestry, she is paid for her appearances, the official round Miss Georgia Forestry crown, rhinestone studded banner, official Miss Georgia Forestry pin, official Miss Georgia Forestry diamond and emerald ring, silver engraved tray, flowers, picture and interview in five national magazines, and gifts totaling over $2,000. The younger girls receive the official Miss Georgia crown, rhinestone studded banner, official crowning pin, silver engraved tray, flowers, scholarships, bicycles, stereos, gifts totaling over $2,000 and their picture and interviewed by five national magazines. The Miss Georgia Forestry Queens have the opportunity to ride on the Georgia Forestry float with Smokey Bear serving as Ambassadors to the Forestry Commission. The Miss Georgia Forestry Pageant is a non-profit organization started in 1940 to offer educational opportunities to young ladies while promoting Georgia's Number One Industry, Forestry. The Coffee County Queens will be responsible for promoting Forestry for Coffee County. We do allow the Forestry Queens to compete and win other pageants as long as they promote their Forestry titles. The pageant will be open young ladies ages birth to 23 years. The younger girls' pageants are open to all surrounding counties. Contestants in the Miss Division must work, reside, or attend school in Coffee County. The Forestry Pageant closes the Miss Division to the county the pageant is being held in because we feel that it is important for a local girl to win the Local Forestry Scholarship. The younger girls are judged a 1 to 10 on poise, beauty, gown, personality, and overall appearance. The Teen and Miss are judged on interview, platform, and evening gown. _Ginny Hattaway__ brings over ten years of pageant experience to the Coffee County Forestry Pageant. __Ginny Hattaway_ also attended the Georgia Forestry Pageants Judges workshop and is a certified judge. For more information contact, __Ginny Hattaway_, Director. Phone:1-912-383-4666, Email: or visit the Georgia Forestry website at

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